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Discover our wide range of services – all with prices as low as £30 per hour. . Get in touch today to find out more. And remember, your glitch fix begins with a FREE quotation.

Mac or PC repair and support

We’ve rebuilt and repaired computers and laptops across both platforms for the last 20 years, so we’re fluent in both languages. And we deal with everything – from smashed screens and missing keyboard keys to nobbled networks, busted batteries and sloppy software.

Virus and spyware removal

Yep, we’ve all been there. But next time you click on something you probably shouldn’t have, drop us a call. We’ll run a full antivirus scan, remove any nasty bugs or spyware and get you back to full speed asap

Backup and security

There’s nothing worse than going to look for that super important file and… oops, nothing there. Normally it’d be gone forever. But, luckily for you, we’re experts at data retrieval. So, if it still exists somewhere in the matrix, we'll do our best to find it and store it somewhere safe for you!

Computer health check

Com...pu...ter...taking...an...age...to...do…the...simplest...tasks? Then let us whip your PC or Mac back into shape. We’ll give you a full fitness report and install the very latest Windows or Mac updates to guarantee your computer’s firing on all cylinders!

Performance upgrades

Sometime you’ll know when you need more power, more speed, or more space. And sometimes the computers will tell you! Rather than ignoring a notification, get in touch. We offer solid state drive (SSD) upgrades and can talk you through any necessary Windows or Mac operating system upgrades too.

WiFi and broadband problems

The days of dropping off the WiFi whenever you go in the back room are over thanks to our WiFi and Broadband Booster service. We can boost your home hub’s signal strength to eradicate any blackspots and ensure you’ve got a super strong signal wherever you are in your house or office.


Don’t know your dongles from your Dingles?* Tap into 20 years of computer experience and let us guide you through the digital minefield. In handy one-on-one sessions, we’ll get you up to cyberspeed with your devices in no time at all. Whether on Mac, PC, tablet or telephone, you’ll soon be navigating like a champ.

*Dongles plug into your USB to provide you with 3G internet. Dingles are a farmers from Emmerdale.

Smarter IT for better business

If your business is in need of some IT TLC, we could be the shrewdest executive decision you make.
From setting up professional email addresses, getting TVs set up for conferencing, or backing up important documents on The Cloud, we’re here for you and your growing business.




Are you stuck with a problem?

We can solve most Mac or PC software issues remotely for minimum disruption.

Access Remote Support

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Luke always knows how to deal with our technical inadequacies, concerning our home computer, in a friendly and constructive way. - Kate Brailsford