Try the magic of remote support

(We offer this service to contract customers only.)

Remote support might sound jargony, but in fact – it’s super simple!

Loads of Mac and PC problems can be solved without even needing a callout. By downloading and installing Team Viewer Professional Remote Connection Software, we can remotely access your computer (with your permission) and fix a whole array of issues whenever you need our help.

The best news? Getting started couldn’t be easier:

  1. Download the software here
  2. Save it to your desktop or a folder on your computer
  3. Double click the file you saved to install the application
  4. Click run or agree
  5. Complete the installation
  6. Open the programme
  7. Make a note of your username and password
  8. Give us a call with these details and we’ll get to it!



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I’ve regularly used Computer Fix and found Luke to be informative, polite and respectful. He’s flexible, accommodating my busy schedule, and offered home visits outside the usual 9-5. Thanks, Luke, for your time and expertise! - S. Martin